Be Strong and Courageous . . .

Ohhh myTruthfully I wanted to tell that…
Myself Sameer Srivastava age 29yrs I wanted to describe that i found nothing  from the society my mean to I wanted company of peoples wherever but everyone having own prospective then  I decided to let them go whome so ever not willing my company and i also too much agreed that’s my good decision.

My mean to say such as whenever I lived up at my home always found peoples family relatives friends ignores me again when I tried myself in the job found boss not happy wherever I putted up best he always demotivate or whenever my good works came to give me good returns bosses becomes in obsolete. I am having good sense of thoughts good feeling never ever willing to hurt anyone’s emotions but I can’t find same behavior.

So, at the end i feels bad, demotivated low level of confidence and after that go in few days complete thinking mode how to overcome from problems who are liking me who are disliking me, what are best opportunities, and what are my best strength to fight and rest of let it go….
So for now I am also considering that somehow whichever whatever happening just let it go….

Along with little precautions of that whatever you are thinking for your betterment it could be possible another persons also trying to get it same from you such as same passion, emotions and affection…

At the end we are “WE”

( my mean to say networking, association & cooperation of each other is required for sustain and win for all universe such as humans animals birds nature )

I am definitely I am….( with this quote I am willing to say “WISH” and “WILL” both also necessary )

That blog boosted up my confidence courage and morale level with a huge urge of fulfilling my dreams….

Sameer Srivastava

That video also helpful

Keep On Moving

When people walk away from your life without saying “goodbye” or even giving the “reason” to leave is not a good feeling; it hurts deeply.

You can spend days having the feeling of being left in the dark under the weather. But, stop banging your head on the wall, and biting your fingernails. Learn to be strong and courageous to bringyourself together and keep moving!

As we all know, life does not stop, it does not slow down for anyone.

You do the same. You have a rich life ahead of you.

Be strong. Be courageous and let them go on.

Here’s a sad truth,not everyone will come and stay in your life.

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Video credit: Lady Jewels Forever. 2011. Youtube Publishing.

Speech written by: TD. Jakes.

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